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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 24, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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as we say in our report, these are short-term fixed price contracts, but they do require binding arbitration, and they delegate the authority, the board's authority in that circumstance. the second piece of the ordinance is to delegate authority to the p.u.c. general manager to enter into future agreements for both cleanpowersf and hetch hetchy that could require binding arbitration. and he set out the conditions which that would be allowed, page 11 of the report, because this legislation does delegate authorities otherwise sit with the board of supervisors, we consider it to be a policy matter. >> president cohen: thank you. questions -- question for the deputy city attorney.
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legislation lays out the circumstances under which the p.u.c. would have the authority to apply for this, apply to this, apply to this authority. how should we be thinking about this delegated power? how, and how broad or how narrow should the application actually be? >> deputy city attorney, that's really the policy question before this committee. generally you would have, the board would have authority to approve all the contracts if you didn't adopt the ordinance because this is an exercise of authority that requires board approval. so, it's a question of how much authority you want to give to the p.u.c. the proposed ordinance includes several parameters that narrow the number of contracts they can enter into under this ordinance.
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>> ok. thank you. let's go to public comment. thank you very much for your presentation. any member of the public on item two, come on up. >> based on when i just seen brings in the question, p.g. and e. is trying to corner the market in the production and use of electricity, i believe it should be open and free enterprise, if the city can go to another source of electricity instead of spending this $13,762,490,000 and cut the expenses in half in order for electrical use to power the city, i believe that option should be open. trying to corner the market. for example, the bad faith dealing and the fires that the electrical lines is causing, trying to pass the costs on to the consumer, when the consumer has nothing to do with it.
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they claim they can go bankrupt, a bold face pathological lie, on the ground that p.g. and e. has insurance. if there's a better way the city can get electricity other than going to p.g. and e., do it and keep the option open and don't find yourself to them when you are obligated to purchase electricity from them, when there are other sources with a lower rate and save money on the budget. >> president cohen: any other members of the public? thank you very much. i appreciate the history of the item and why it's timely and essential. however, i trust that our p.u.c. general manager, however, while i trust the p.u.c. general manager, i am uncomfortable with the potential of a long-term authority for p.g. and e., as
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cleanpowersf gains capacity and matures and other potential sources for reserve capacity companion line, i would like the board of supervisors to retain some of its oversight and hear what alternatives to p.g. and e. might be available. introducing to you, should have them before you, some amendments. i have circulated the amendments, and sunset date of the authority, five years from the effective date of the ordinance, approximately october of 2023. this will give the general manager, this will give general manager kelly the space to conduct his business in good faith, but will also give us more insight and the opportunity to review as programs continue to progress. i just want to also acknowledge john scarpula, not here, ok. p.u.c. is in agreement with the amendments, we worked with them on getting them crafted.
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so, this is no surprise to them. i don't know if you have any other questions or need clarification. if not, a motion -- >> i was going to make a motion to accept the amendments. >> president cohen: thank you. motion by supervisor fewer, take that without objection, thank you. ok. item 3, please. >> like to send this item to the full board as committee report as amended? >> committee report and as amended, thank you. >> clerk: ordinance amending the business and tax regulation code to add provisions to administer the early care and education commercial rents tax. >> president cohen: all right. so an item dealing with the business and tax regulation code. we have noel from supervisor kim's office to make opening remarks. >> thank you for the kind introduction, chair cohen. on behalf of supervisor kim,
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thank you to the entire budget and finance committee for your careful consideration of this ordinance, which defines the process for the tax collector's office to collect and administer the early care and education commercial rents tax. that would allow for the city to follow the standard process, to implement the new tax, and it is no way related to the spending plan or the pending litigation. our office would like to acknowledge and thank the office of early child care and education, the city attorney's office, controllers office, the tax collector's office, and supervisor norman yee and his staff are coordinating with us to draft this legislation. thank for your time and we hope we have this committee's support on this item. >> president cohen: thank you. colleagues, reminder, this sets the tax collection code for the early child care and rents.
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nod going to interfere with pending litigation. i would like to hear from the controllers office and hear their thoughts. i have a couple questions as well. you have any thoughts? ok. that's ok. i'll go? my questions, thank you. my first one, how will the city go about establishing and ultimately dispensing the tax revenue, given the associated legal risk? you have to turn your mic on. >> from the controllers office. at this time what we can say about that is that while the litigation is pendings, funds on reserve, impounded. >> president cohen: so we are not going to spend the money as it's collected into the fund or are we? >> no, it would be not available to be allocated or appropriated. >> president cohen: at what point for allocation, after the
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litigation? >> when the litigation is resolved. >> president cohen: any idea how long that would be? >> do not know. >> president cohen: will you be increasing the funding in these areas as there is a voter mandate to do so from the general fund? the fund is going to be on reserve, increasing or going into the general fund? >> the funds would not be part of the general fund in terms of being available the way the general fund is. >> all right, thank you. thank you. colleagues, i don't know if you have any other questions. all right. open to public comment. public comment is open. >> another example of conflict and tax regulations where you want to tax businesses and by the same response, you got other businesses that's not being taxed at all. demonstrated well over several times that twitter and five other high-tech companies has
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gotten away with a minimum of $217 billi $217 billion worth of tax free money from the city and county of san francisco. it's not fair. you turn around and want to tax other businesses that are nowhere near as the income revenue that twitter and the other high-tech companies is making while being a resident here in the city of san francisco. multi-quadruple, trillion, billion dollar organization and you give them a break. they don't need a break. the people who need childcare help and the people who are economically disadvantaged on the street, and the people with disabilities and aging and senior citizen programs, those are the people that need a break. so, the amount of free money that you are giving twitter, i believe is tax evasion, money laundering and bank fraud, half
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of that money would take care of the program for this early childcare for the mothers who need help making this proposal that's coming out of kim's office. it's unethical and brings in question violation of the business and professional code pertaining to ethics and professional responsibility. you have a situation enjoyed by one company, but not enjoyed by another. in fact, each and every one of the departments in the city of san francisco is paying payroll taxes but twitter and the high-tech companies. that's called professional stupidity and i know none of you is stupid. i'm calling it to your attention. i believe it's an oversight. >> president cohen: public comment is closed. pivot back to the mayor's budget office and the risks that we are under taking or maybe not taking any risk at all. share your thoughts.
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>> deputy city attorney. i think discussion of the legal risk is more appropriate for a closed session. we did have a closed session at the board on these questions and could have another one and probably will have another one at the board's request or working with the controller and the mayor's office. this, i can say this ordinance does not impact the legal risk regarding the pending litigation. but if you would like an update on the pending litigation, we should do that in a privileged setting. >> president cohen: thank you very much. off the hook, kelly. we have taken public comment. colleagues, i don't know if you have any questions for the controller. city attorney or the budget office, seeing none, i'll make a motion to approve with a positive recommendation sent to the full board. thank you, without objection. item 4 and 5 together. >> ordinance waiving the fee
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required by public works code in connection with the tree maintenance by the greater rincon hill, known as the east cut community benefits district. item 5, waiving up to 100 banners placed on city owned utility poles by the filipino american arts exposition. >> president cohen: thank you very much. supervisor kim is a sponsor of this. i think we have noel here to speak on her behalf, and i think also andrew robinson, and sabrina. great. thank you. >> good morning, thank you again to the introduction, thank you for your review of this legislation put forward by our office on behalf of these community organizations. these ordinances offer fee waiver for the east cut community benefit district to maintain trees and the filipino american arts exposition to display banners raising
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awareness of the pistahan parade. it promotes their efforts to enhance the look and feel of the district six neighborhoods, promoting a welcoming and lively community identity. thank you so much to andrew robinson, here on behalf of the east cut c.b.d. and to sabrina, who is here on behalf of the filipino american art exposition. we very much appreciate their coordination with our office, not only on fees, ordinances, but on a variety of community events and benefits that they have offered. >> thank you very much. i think this is a pretty straightforward item. let's take public comment on items 4 and 5. >> i think these proposals should be waived, very much so, just like additional fees and
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penalties are waived for people caught up in the criminal justice, 850 bryant street when they serve their time, additional fees that were applied that just got ended and unnecessary in order for people to establish themselves in the city. just like those fees were gotten rid of to inmates who were starting their life over and trying to get themselves situated, and those fees were waived and penalties were waived, i believe this should be waived as well. >> president cohen: public comment is closed, thank you very much. i'll make a motion to approve with a positive recommendation to the full board, without objection. thank you. items, please call items 6 -- item 6. >> resolution approving and authorizing the sale to alameda county of an easement on city property under the jurisdiction
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of the san francisco public utilities commission, consistent of one approximately 5,000 square foot area, road area and approximately 22,000 square foot slope area on and above calaveras road. >> replace a new word replacing one damaged by the storm. >> before you is a resolution approving and authorizing the sale of an easement to alameda county for the fair market value of $2,457 for a realigned portion of calaveras road in the sunol watershed. >> president cohen: $2,000, that's it? >> that's it, discounted for the easement. >> president cohen: i thought it was missing some 0, like 200,000. or 2 million.
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>> no, that's the going rate out there. it's a very remote location, very little utility for the area. >> all the more reason why it should be more expensive. >> we maybe agree on that. the resolution also grants a limited delegated authority to the general manager and the city's director of property to execute documents, make certain modification, and take certain actions to further the resolution that do not materially increase our obligations or liabilities. so -- ok. in 2011, the sfpuc began construction on the dam replacement project with the purpose of safeguarding critical facilities and public safety against earthquake and flood. in january of 2017 during a large storm event, a landslide occurred on a section of calaveras road. it made the road impassable to
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the dam replacement project contractor and to the public. as you can see, calaveras road is the main access road for the project contractor to transport large equipment and materials to and from the project site, and the road closure put the project schedule at risk. though alameda county operates and owns calaveras roads, a minimum of six months before they would be able to design and begin construction of the necessary road repair. on april 4, 2017, san francisco board of supervisors approved an sfpuc emergency declaration authorizing to construct a bypass road up slope and adjacent to the landslide area so the project could continue without further delay. >> president cohen: i remember that. >> though our contractor was able to resume work on the dam by using the new road alignment,
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the road is closed to the public until alameda county can actually take ownership of the new road alignment. 50-foot wide easement and part of the alignment and the slope area are outside of that existing easement. alameda county seeks to purchase an easement for the new roadway and slope area, as a condition of the purchase and sale of the easement, alameda county agrees to accept ownership constructed as is without warranties. we'll take questions. >> president cohen: a couple questions. so, alameda county owns the road but san francisco county owns the easement. >> no, we own -- we own the property. it's a bundle of rights we own. alameda county owns the easement, very specific rights and in this case, the right to maintain a road and to maintain
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that, that slope improvement. >> i think n your presentation, alameda county, they have to go through their own internal process -- >> that's correct. going to the boards in parallel. we would like to get the road open to the public as soon as possible, so that's why we are asking for that delegation of, that limited delegation of authority to continue formalizing the form of purchase and sale agreement and the easement agreement. >> thank you very much. colleagues, i don't have any other questions. do you? no, ok, public comment. please -- any member of the public that would like to comment on this item, please come up. seeing none, public comment is closed, thank you. all right. motion to approve with positive recommendation, send as a committee, and take that without objection. thank you. item 7. >> clerk: resolution retroactively approving emergency contract for general airport security services
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between covenant aviation security and the city 1.7 million from april 9, 2018, through october 8, 2018. >> kathy wideman, an item, resolution to approve an emergency contract for security staffing with covenant aviation after a previous contractor failed to provide sufficient staffing levels. so i guess my first with question is, how did the original contractor even get the contract when they have insufficient staffing levels? >> good morning, chair cohen, kathy widener with the san francisco airport. the original company got the contract as part of a competitive process where they did submit and met qualifications that included the appropriate staffing levels. over the course of the contract, it's my understanding -- >> how long is the contract? >> i believe it was five years, i need to double check that.
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>> did they begin the engagement of the contract? >> yes, in the middle of a contract. >> there were some changes to their business plan, i don't know if it was financial or change of ownership, but we noticed a steady decline in the services that they provided. they, they were found to not have provided adequate staffing on at least 19 occasions, they failed three t.s.a. inspections, we found posts unattended. they generally violated the terms of their contract as well as the t.s.a. requirements that are put on the airport to enforce. which is why we needed to engage covenant on an energy basis at that time. >> president cohen: got it, understood. airport staff has issued a new request for proposals to provide the services. services include screening airport employees, badged employees, screening deliveries
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that vendors bring through, chekts into the sterile area and the terminals and providing gate access and monitoring of checkpoints on the air field. so, they are fairly critical responsibilities that need to be staffed full-time. we are almost finished with the request for proposals process and it will go to the commission for award in, at a meeting next month. >> that simple, huh? wonderful. thank you for the presentation. >> supervisor fewer: yes, i just have a question, you know, june 2017 covenant employees were, which were t.s.a. agents pled guilty to taking bribes and letting 50 pounds of cocaine go through security. so, therefore, abetting smuggling. how have the hiring practices changed? >> i just want to be clear, i
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can address that. but that contract with those employees, that's the t.s.a. contract with covenant, that is not this contract. that is not our -- the contract before you does not provide any passenger screening at all, where those incidents took place at the t.s.a. checkpoints. so, since that time i can say that i have seen and we have heard from t.s.a. that they have changed their training requirements, their staffing models. they now have more than one person at each point so random checks, but that is not at all the contract that's before you. that is the federal government's contract with covenant. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. you said the r.f.p. is issued and the decision made next month. >> our plan is to go to the airport commission in october to award a new contract for these services. >> supervisor fewer: ok. thank you very much. >> president cohen: all right.
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thank you. let's hear from the budget legislative analyst on item 7. >> legislation before you is actually retroactive approval of the emergency contract. we do want to say and we did put in our report the airport did submit the legislation to the board in the time frame reared by the admin code. miss widener has summarized the contract, $1.7 million emergency contract through october 5th. our understanding, and they have been in the process of selecting a new contractor and recommend approval. >> president cohen: we'll take that recommendation. public comment on item 7, closed. a motion to approval and send to the full board with positive recommendation. take that without objection, thank you. items 8 and 9 together.
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>> clerk: resolution approving modification number eight to airport contract, terminal one center renovation project, between acjv and the city, not to exceed 28.3 million. item 9, resolution authorizing further modification to an airport contract, project management support services near boarding area b project, between t1 cubed fot to exceed 38.5 million. >> kathy widener. the items before you requests are two amendments to project management support services contracts for the airport's terminal one renovation project, with acjv and t1 cubed. ac jshlgs v manages the renovation work and t1 cubed support services for the
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boarding area b portion of the terminal renovation project. scope of services for both services includes preconstruction and designing management services, project controls, and cost and scheduling management. the airport issued a single request for proposals for the selection of both of these contracts, which came to the board, both came together to the board for approval in 2015. the proposed amendments of the contracts would allow for the extension of the terminal center contract for a term of seven months, through april 30, 2019, and increase the contract amount by 5.25 million. the boarding area b contract item that is before you is essentially its own request for future modification. i will, based on the budget analyst recommendation, be asked you to table that item. our four project management
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service services contracts were all submitted to the board at the same time. you approved two of them prior to your recess, at which point we have the discussion about if it was the board's preference to approve all future modifications. the legislation was amended at that time to return to the board for future modifications and i will do the same thing to the terminal one center renovation legislation with acjv and ask you to table t1 cubed, we will come back to you when we are in need of future funding authorization. this is in support of the budget analyst's recommendations. we are currently in the process of working with the budget analysts in the city attorney's office to bring these contracts to you in a streamline and efficient manner. this should be the end of the confusion on future modification requests that will come to you. >> president cohen: thank you for the recommendation.
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we'll hear from the budget legislative analyst at this time. >> yes, good morning, still morning. chair cohen, members of the committee. so the resolution item 180640, approves modification number eight between the airport and acjv, a joint venture, for construction management center renovation project. so, this approves modification number eight, not to exceed the amount of contract by $5 million from 23 million to 28 million. and then approves future modifications to the contract, totaling 33 million, up to 63 million. we do recommend approval of modification number eight to the contract, but approval of future modifications consider policy matter, and we also recommend the board request the airport director to consult with the
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city attorney's office on ways to present these contracts to the board of supervisors that conforms to the board's charter authority to approve contracts. of contracts of more than 10 million. >> president cohen: no questions. supervisor fewer has a question. >> supervisor fewer: excuse me, wondering, does acjv have any affiliation with shymick construction? >> through the chair, kathy widener with the san francisco international airport. i looked into this yesterday, it's my understanding did that shymick is a subsidiary of one of the joint venture partners. however, they are not at all affiliated with this contract. this contract is a straight project management support services contract. there are no construction
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aspects related to this. so, shymick has not had a contract at the airport for four years. >> supervisor fewer: ok. thank you very much, the only reason i mention that, shymick was a construction on the tunnel with the recent fatal accident. thank you very much. >> understood. public comment -- one more thing, i just want to echo the recommendation made by the budget legislative analyst to communicate, for you to communicate her recommendation to mr. sataro to ensure that we are handling the contracts in the most efficient manner. >> understood. we are already in the process of changing how these kind of process. >> president cohen: good. a lot of conversation around your contracts on the agenda. public comment on item 8 and 9, any member of the public. all right. public comment is closed. thank you. all right. i would like month make a motion to accept the budget legislative
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analyst's amendments for item 8 and also approve that with a positive recommendation, and also make a motion to table item 9. if we can take that without objection. thank you, colleagues. >> clerk: item number 10, department of public health to participating the one time homeless mentally ill outreach and treatment, to outpatient service, intensive care management, residential treatment services and facility beds in the amount of approximately 3.2 million. >> president cohen: thank you very much. welcome. department of public health. >> good morning, members of the committee, madam chair. i'm with the department of public health. and i'm here on behalf of the department seeking approval to
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adopt resolution for the department to participate in the funding opportunity, one-time funding opportunity under the department of health care services for a program called homeless mental ill, outreach and treatment. the program is designed to provide outreach and treatment for individuals who are homeless, with serious mental illness. available to san francisco $3 million over 18 mostly sunny. to participate in the program, submit a letter of interest and a resolution adopted by the board of supervisors by september 25th. >> president cohen: thank you very much. any questions? pretty straightforward item. no, seeing none, public comment. thank you. public comment is open for item 10. >> i believe in helping the
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people with mental disabilities and homeless out in the street. but i believe the best way to provide services on a permanent basis is to take care of this problem the same way that you are taking care of the problem of homeless teachers. you put down $44 million housing bond for 100 unit apartment building complex and the same additional $44 million housing bond down for another 120 unit apartment building complex for homeless teachers. by doing the proposal here, i take it you are going to place the mentally disturbed and people with disabilities and locations like san francisco general hospital, which is only going to be a temporary treatment of the people who need help. the money would be spent more wisely by putting them in a permanent apartment building complex and staff that's from the system to have offices and
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locations within the same building to make sure that this recycle of over and over and over again of getting supportive treatment and then getting kicked ot in the street with nowhere to go because you don't have your own place to live. one of the reasons why you have so many discharges of human body waste discharges in the street, and service dogs animals discharging their body waste out in the street. people need housing, not additional programs. that's one reason why we have this problem. it keeps recycling. you have navigation center, you can only stay there for a short period of time. as a result, you end up on the street again. you need your own bathroom, just like all of you have. sincerely. >> president cohen: public comment is closed, thank you very much. colleagues, a pretty clean straightforward and i want to remind you a request for
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one-time funding. i will make a motion to approve with positive recommendation to the full board. thank you, without objection it passes. please call item 11. >> clerk: 11, resolution declaring a shelter crisis pursuant to senate bill 850 and authorizing the department of homelessness and supportive housing to apply for funding under the california emergency aid program. >> miss emily cohen here from homelessness and supportive housing. this item is a declaration of a shelter crisis compliant with state requirements allowing the city to apply for state funding which has been identified in our june repa lancing plan. don't worry, it's not a controversial item. it's simple request for homeless funding. floor is yours. >> as chair cohen mentioned in the 18-19 state budget process, new -- funds to be allocated to
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continuum of care in large cities. through the two source, estimate san francisco will receive approximately $27.7 million in one-time homeless service funding. as part of the process to apply for the funds, we are required to declare a shelter cries i declared several times, although the previous crisis did not include the items to receive the funding. >> president cohen: thank you very much. another pretty clean and straightforward item. we are going to go to public comment on item 11.
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>> start my time before i even speak. this is another example what i'm talking about. spending millions of dollars on programs when it should be spent on permanent housing. building programs, $27. million, for a program that constantly recycles people out in the street. there's nothing permanent about that. that money should be spent on building permanent apartment building complexes for people who are out in the street who you are targeting and trying to help. homeless people do not need homeless programs. homeless people need a place to live just like you do. it's disgusting. homeless is big business for people who run the homeless programs like jeff kaczynski. how many hundreds of thousands
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are you paying him to oversee the programs moving homeless from one location of the city, back and forth and forth and back. when is it going to stop? do like you are doing the homeless teachers. provide a fund and apartment building complex for them to live. now, you have a modular proposal, 100 million and i object to that because those are overseas cargo ship containers, that 100 million that's proposed for that, combined with the amount of money you ask for here today is more than enough to start housing people that's out in the street. in fact, i demonstrated one time where [bleep] kaczynski, how would you house the 8,000 people and he said it would take a million dollars to house 1,000 homeless people. you take just a million dollars from the $217 billion that
6:39 am
you -- free money from twitter and house all them people with the money. you answered your own question. >> president cohen: thank you. any other speakers? seeing none, public comment is closed. make a motion to move this item to the full board with positive recommendation. and seeing no objections, take that without objection. thank you. >> clerk: item 12, resolution authorizing recreation and park department to accept expanded grant of 150,000 from the san francisco park alliance to benefit the department's scholarship program for the project term of november 1, 2018, to june 30, 2019. >> president cohe >> president cohen: item for approval of $150,000 grant from the san francisco parks alliance. and it raised this amount of money at the crab feed. remarkable to see it grow and grow and grow over the years, and if anyone has never attended, i suggest you get your ticket and attend, it's a fun event on the west side of the city, packed at the irish cultural center.
6:40 am
and also want to acknowledge it will be going to the edwin lee scholarship program which supports the low income students to help them pay for their college tuition. and lisa branston from the rec and park department to present. thank you. >> thank you, chair cohen. i want to clarify that this funding does not go to college tuition, this is for recreational programming, that the rec and park department runs. >> president cohen: thank you. >> start by saying that unfortunately, our partners from the parks alliance could not be here because they are getting ready for a party for the parks, which is saturday night, which is separate but important way we also partner with the parks alliance. so, as you said chair cohen, i'm lisa branston, rec and park department. here to request you authorize the department to accept this grant from the parks alliance,
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$150,000, to support the departments edwin lee scholarship program. funds were raised at the annual crab fest on february 22nd year, and key part of the mission, enriching recreational activities to all san franciscan's regardless of ability to pay. special meaning as we remember the passing of mayor lee. the crab feed was dedicated to his memory and at the event, general manager announced we would name the department's program in mayor lee's honor. funds are an important part of the overall scholarship program that ensures all in san francisco can get out and play. last fiscal year, the department awarded more than 9,000 scholarships valued at $1.2 million. especially important for the
6:42 am
youth programs to pursue passion in sports, dancing and arts classes, and safe place to be during out of school hours. and some of the the department's after school programs, nearly all the children are able to be there, they pay nothing or a fraction of the regular cost. scholarships covering 50 to 100% of recreational programs are available to san francisco residents with household incomes of less than 250% of the federal poverty guidelines. to qualify for 75% or full scholarships, households must participate in two public assistance programs, such as food stamps or reside in public housing. key part of the work for equity in san francisco. for example, last fiscal year 68% of scholarships awarded to residents in areas of designated equity zones. scholarships are critical to
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ensuring equal access to programming in san francisco, and the private dollars provide important support for the program. i hope you will recommend that the full board accept these very important funds. allowing everybody to get out and play. thank you very much. >> president cohen: thank you. we will go to public comment. thank you. any member of the public to comment on item 12. >> hello, supervisors, this committee. i wanted to speak on the park and rec ability to provide equity in san francisco. i wanted to talk about the deep rooted physical conflicts that stops a lot of san francisco youth from being able to participate in certain spaces, and i have like some solutions that i put forth for that, applaud the raising of extra
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funds to waive some fees for them. i worked at park and rec. i saw like in the after school programs where they, if you have a child that's from 2 to 6 there, they wanted to do an initiative to expand the learning time to make use of that after school space, to reduce the achievement gap, the largest in the state. that san francisco currently has. applaud this effort but i hope that it leads to some real achievement gap reduction in combination with the school district, and in combination with dcuif. >> president cohen: any other member of the public? thank you. public comment is closed. all right. colleagues, i make a motion to approve and send with positive recommendation to the full board, take that without objection. item 13, please. >> clerk: ordinance amending the
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administrative code to increase the minimum hourly compensation rate for employees of city contractors other than non-profit corporations or public entities to 15.86 per hour on july 1, 2017, 16.86 per hour on july 1, 2018, and followed thereafter, but annual cost of living increases. >> president cohen: item 13 is legislation which would allow frankly a much needed raise to minimum wage workers in the for profit sector, particularly those at the san francisco airport, who don't enjoy the higher minimum wage and it's a very long time coming. originally heard in may of 2017, almost a year and a half ago, and was sent to the full board with the positive recommendation. since then, members of the board of supervisors engaged with the
6:46 am
labor leaders, and hear from them during public comment and heard from partners, the employers and the contractors across the entire city and how we can give a deserved wage. meantime, workers at the airport have been waiting very patiently, very patiently and have sacrificed a great deal. along with our labor partners, we are committed to moving this legislation forward. minimum compensation ordinance for our airport workers, i wanted to see if there's any colleagues that have any questions or remarks or anything they wanted to add. supervisor fewer, you have been pretty vocal and instrumental in this legislation. >> supervisor fewer: yes, thank you chair cohen. i'm thrilled to see this is
6:47 am
moving forward, the airport workers have been working hard and also waiting patiently for this raise. i just would like to note this raise actually brings them up to 15.86 to 16.86 per hour, which is still below a living wage for anyone living in the bay area or anywhere near san francisco. so yes, looking forward to this passing and thank you very much for your assistance, chair cohen. >> president cohen: and we got better news, instead of 16.86, bump it up to $17. nice round numbers, why not. all right. let's go ahead and take public comment. any member of the public that would like to speak, mr. wright, why don't we -- mr. wright. ok. the floor is yours, mr. wright. go ahead. >> good morning, members of the committee, rudy gonzales, san
6:48 am
francisco labor council and the pleasure of one of my counterparts and the jurisdiction and the work connects mostly around the airport, and the affiliates we represent who represent the rank and file workers there. specifically local 2, teamsters, even some machinists and other affiliates. what this represents today is really a step forward. it is not the demand that many people made back in april when we were here before this committee before, but i think it is a step in progress and important and the workers counting on this will be watching this vote and will be i think excited to hear the news when it comes down. it's significant. i think i'll echo what supervisor fewer said, it is not truly a living wage, it's frustrating behind the scenes,
6:49 am
and includes chelsea, on much deserved maternity leave right now. so anyway, the move here i think is important. i was looking at the m.i.t. living wage calculator and looking up based on some of the members i have met through this problem sesz and for a single income earner, one adult, one child, in san francisco, they need about $38 and change an hour for truly living wage. this is not getting us there, but it is an important step in that direction and appreciate the leadership that's been taken and i think you will hear that echoed by my colleagues today. >> thank you. >> good morning, julie lind, head of the san mateo labor council where your airport lives. happy to be here to support rudy and the san francisco labor council and his leadership, and thank all of you for your leadership and to recognize the partnership by the san francisco airport, i see several staff
6:50 am
members here, including emily from social responsibility and bill wong from the quality standards program. our members that our jurisdiction shares with rudy have been waiting patiently for quite some time and look to you now and thank you for the $17. it is a lovely round number and way more easy to math, so, nicely done. and look forward to seeing this legislation pass with a positive recommendation to your full board and hoping to see these members with the increased wages in their pockets as soon as possible for the betterment of ourselves and families and the shared community. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, ben sizemore, local 1021, field representative for them, represent mostly city workers and also have one non-profit community housing partnership. who is here to support the m.c.o., we think it's great to get these airport workers the m.c.o. up to where they need to
6:51 am
be, and we support our sister s.i.u. locals. also want to let you know we plan on coming back to keep asking for our non-profit workers to get the same m.c.o. we feel that they do a lot of really important work in this city, helping provide permanent housing, not just programs for folks who would otherwise be on the streets, and they need a living wage as well. we have folks making $15 an hour doing important work in these nonprofits and places like the support service hotels here in the tenderloin. city counterparts make more money, and they are trying to get by on $15 an hour. they are paycheck away from being clients themselves, from being homeless themselves. so, we are really going to keep coming back and keep pushing for those non-profit workers and also for our in-home support workers as well. so -- thank you for passing the
6:52 am
m.c.o., for the airport folks, we would like to see it expanded. >> you can always count on the m.c.o. to have a thank you, but. >> it's important work. >> president cohen: mr. wright, your turn. >> another design oversight. on the right track, punch line, annual cost of living increases. you do the math on this $16.86 per day, per hour, per month, per year, come up with approximately $32,179.20 per year. each and every apartment building complex that you build and you set the requirement of income to move in always starts at a minimum of about 80 to 90 to $125,000 a year.
6:53 am
so, you talk about starting off for the cost of living increases, you give an increase to the amount of money you are talking about here today is not even enough to move into a brand-new apartment, build a complex coming through the mayor's office on housing. that's an insult on my intelligence, and other people who are working 40 hours a week trying to survive in the city. still going to be homeless on the street and bouncing around in temporary hotels and during certain parts of the month, of the year, living in transit. if they are not getting the cost of living increase like you claim annual cost of living increases, that's not no increase for them to live here in the city. you don't meet the target. you fall short of the target. you never have an apartment building complex entry level to move into an apartment building is $32,000 a year. and add $1 to it, still not
6:54 am
enough. you see my point? is there anybody out there object to that? all right. so, offer more money to set the price of cost of living based on how much it costs to live here. then you'll be levelling the playing field. until then, you are not taking care -- >> president cohen: any other members of the public that would like to speak? we have a lot of representatives from the airport. seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you. so, i have a couple of questions or a question for the budget legislative analyst. i was wondering, do you have a sense of what the cost to the city of this increase in contract might be? >> i don't think we could calculate the cost. any cost would be the point of a new contract or lease or an amended contract or lease, and there are so many factors that enter into that that the impact of the m.c.o. in particular on
6:55 am
the contract or lease, you know, quantify in advance. i will also point out two issues. one is that many of our contracts just for security guards come under prevailing wage, under separate piece of legislation. and yeah, there is the concession leases are often based on a minimum guarantee or percentage of gross>> refere referereferee: oh. >> president cohen: you have a sense of what the -- what the -- what the increase, and we are talking about -- what, $0.14. >> the $0.14 difference between 1.86 and $2? and we are talking about that as it applies to the airport? >> correct. >> i would assume -- in the
6:56 am
scheme of the 1.86 on the table, it's a bit higher than that, obviously. i don't know that we have an exact number here today and our comments are consistent with the budget and legislative analysts. >> mayor's office. same question. >> thank you, chair cohen. i think we would say the same as the b.l.a. no formal analysis to quantify that. >> president cohen: colleagues, i have circulated amendments that would update this ordinance in three concise ways. first, it sets the minimum compensation ordinance for profit contract workers airport workers to $17 an hour. second, sets the effective date to november 3rd.
6:57 am
and that's the most expedient time to get before the mayor for signature. and sets the effective date to november 3rd or the first available effective date of the ordinance, whichever is later. that is consistent with the way we handle our contracts. and finally, the third apartment i'm proposing includes an annual c.p.i. adjustment for all, for profit workers on contracts with the city, starting on july 1st of 2019. so, given that the san francisco airport workers are not subject to our city's minimum wage, this m.c.o. update is long overdue, and i do ask for your support on these amendments and i hope we'll be able to move it forward. public comment is closed, sir. thank you. colleagues, is there any --
6:58 am
supervisor fewer. sir, you are out of order, stop. yeah, you are. >> supervisor fewer: make a motion to adopt the amendments and also send this to the full board with positive recommendation. >> if i can just to clarify for everyone in the room, the apartment is to increase the m.c.o. rate for all for profit contractors or just for the airport to $17? >> president cohen: thank you. it's for -- just -- double check. thank you. yes, you are correct, that means it does not include home health care workers, i.h.s. workers, it does not include non-profit workers. this is the airport workers and
6:59 am
a small contingent of workers that are for profit workers associated with doing work at the san francisco airport. >> so only for the airport, not for for profit contractors outside the airport? >> president cohen: that's correct. for profit workers, excuse me. for profit workers. >> ok. so the m.c.o. increase that you are proposing would raise the rate to $17 as of the effective date of this ordinance, could be as early as november 3rd for all contractors for profit contractors. >> that's correct. >> ok. >> president cohen: thank you for tying that all together. all right. ready to gavel down, no objection, passes unanimously. please move that to the full board with positive recommendation. >> this amendment triggers a continuance in committee, it needs to come back next week.
7:00 am
>> ok. all right. i was unaware of that. >> president cohen: motion to rescind the vote and without objection, thank you. given that the amendments need further review, introduced them into the record, clarified them into the record, a motion to continue for one week's time. >> the next meeting september 20th. >> president cohen: thank you, and take that without objection, thank you. all right. any other business before this body? >> there is no further business. >> president cohen: all right. thank you. we are adjourned.


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